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Property Calculator v3.1

It was fun while it lasted. Be sure to read my last news post.

Step 1: Log into Myspace

Make sure you are loged in to the myspace for the account you want to use

Step 2: Goto Mobsters

Goto mobsters the normal way or just click here.

Step 3: Copy all this stuff

Copy ALL the text in the textbox to the right (Click the box once, hit CTRL and C key or right click the highlighted text and select copy)

Step 4: Pay Attention here

Click back onto the mobsters game, dosent matter what page of the game. Delete everything in the address bar and paste what you coppied from Step 3 into the address bar. (CTRL+V or Right Click, select Paste)

Step 5: Hit enter

Once you have the code in the address bar simply hit enter or click "Go".