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It was fun while it lasted. Be sure to read my last news post.

I know, I know...

Seriously, you should read this

Minigame Completion Tool has been fixed.

I know its been a little while since that tool worked and I finally got around to debugging it over the last couple days. Turned out to be fairly simple, but somewhat annoying to isolate the issue and fix it. It looked like it was going to need to be redone from the ground up but I had a stroke of genius this morning and it turned out to be rather easy to fix once I knew what was going wrong. Sorry it took so long to get fixed but at least its working again, enjoy!

Power Supply Failure

The power supply (the part that dictates where power goes in the computer) failed in the server somewhere in the last 12 hours and I just found out about it. The techs at the data center have replaced the part and everything is back up and running. You can stop panicking now, I didn't shut the site down :P

Property Calculator v3.1

Yeah, you read it right and no you are not sleeping, drunk, intoxicated, or any combination of, or variable levels of severity of, the previously stated items. This is real.

So who wants to see some tool updates?

Looks like things have leveled out a bit on my end and I should have a good deal of spare time over the next few months. I am thinking about doing some updates BUT I'm not really "feeling the love" in the donation bin much these days. Ad revenue generated from ad clicks is also down over the last few months. This site does still cost me money to operate!

Just some news

So as most of you know I have been busy as shit this year. I started a new company back in November of last year and its been coming along just fine. The downside is I dont have much time to make new tools for the site. Coupled with the decline in donations, it makes it even harder to afford to take time off from my regular job to work on this stuff.

Playdom Banned Bobs Mob

Figured it was only a matter of time before they banned my account for some reason but regardless I still think its an incredibly low move on behalf of playdom. So now that they just killed 3 years of work and given me no interest to keep playing maybe ill think about building a bot...

Updates Completed

Ran a bunch of backend updates tonight. So far everything looks like it went smoothly. If you should happen to hit any snags or new errors let me know about it right away.

Also for the record "I got an error" wont tell me anything, if you copy and paste the error in an email thats the best way to let me know about them. If the error contains any um "codes" dont paste those where other people can see them, you could end up giving someone access to your account.

Some random news

Alrighty so it seems December is here, November is gone and the donation bar only hit about 50% of what it was shooting for. Before I get going this isnt some angry ra ra ra kinda post. The site made enough money to where I can just shuffle funds around and still make ends meet but I'm not ecstatic about this result. Its the same thing that happened last year basically.

Finally done with the move.

So the techy stuff I mentioned, basically I moved from one computer to another. Problems came up in one of the memory chips on the new computer about 12hrs after I moved it. I also ended up having an issue with comcast while trying to get that problem fixed so the site was down for a few hours yesterday.

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